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This mini-mini software will allow you to switch between desktops during extensive multitasking. It is created by sysinternals, currently part of Microsoft.
ManicTime 1.4.3 Allows u to log the time you spend on programs and documents and provides overviews and statistics. Track your own productivity or that of others.

This software is categorized "Class B free software" because it deactivates part of its functionality if you do not select a paid licence.
Free and open source Mind mapping and brainstorming software. Very rich in features compared to freemind (aslo free), a little clunky compared to mindjet ($349), but at no charge. You do need to keep in mind that all the functions that come with the "pro package" which works as a yearly subscription are in the menu's to constantly remind you about the possibility to upgrade to a paid version, hen
Glary Registry Repair scans your registry for references to missing files and folders.
A lot of people make the mistake of installing spy-ware bundled with time-syncing software. Just because there are so many programs that offer this. It's strange that they do, because you don't need any program to sync your PC with a time server. That capability is built in to the OS if you have NT-2000-XP or better (linux).

You can find detailed instructions here:
Free screenshot utility and integrated image editor.
Advanced PDF Tool will allow you to split and merge pdf's and remove pasword protection, allowing you to edit any pdf.
A free and easy pdf conversion tool that install itself as a printer.
Pligg is an open source content management system that lets you easily create your own social network.