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A free and easy pdf conversion tool that install itself as a printer.
Andreamosaic is great free software that allows you to create a photomosaic. Essentially this is a mosaic of 1 photo constructed of a couple of thousand smaller photo's. Great stuff!

Sadly 'or happily' the author has sold his source code to a software company and Andreamosaic is no longer available for free download from the original site. However, this older version is still freely distributa
Advanced PDF Tool will allow you to split and merge pdf's and remove pasword protection, allowing you to edit any pdf.
Autostich is the ultimate panoramic picture creation software. It is fully automatic. Just select all the pictures and the algoritm will rotate, adjust and stich... Great stuff...
Disables annoying javascript that blocks text selection and right-clicks.
Crimson Editor is a tabbed (multi-document) text editor that supports window splitting, syntax highlighting for many programming languages, multiple level undo/redo, spell checker, and many other editor functions.
Irfanview is an image viewer and batch processing tool. It is free for personal use.
Allows downloading of flash video, games and apps for offline use.
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