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Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. The installer allows you to select from a massive amount of software, too numerous to list here. Cygwin brings the best UNIX tools and utilities to Windows systems and also features an updating feature that helps you keep the newest versions of software installed.
A free partion managment software that allows you to resize, move, copy, convert partitions in several filesystems.
A Web Content Filter to keep the internet safe for your kids. It has blacklisting, whitelisting, filtering on keywords, logging of activities and timing control.
If you only need a word processor, and you want it to work fast and with low resources Abiword is for you. AbiWord is a resource efficient word processor with functionality similar to that of Microsoft Word. AbiWord supports many document formats including:, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Rich Text Formats, and HTML.

Update Oct 2009: Nw version of abiword support online sharing an
The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an multilayer image editor with many features for photo retouching and image composition. Plugins provide support for a wide range of image formats and offer facilities such as filtering and animation. It serves as a perfect replacement for Photoshop-type applications. is a complete office suite consisting of: word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, and draw software. All applications are fully featured. can import and export a variety of formats (including Word and Powerpoint) and uses an XML based native format, designed for interoperability.
A free defragmentation tool that goes far beyond windows' native defragmentation tools at no cost.
A free and easy pdf conversion tool that install itself as a printer.
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